Dog costumes are simply adorable and the dog lion mane costume is no exception.  Dogs dressing up on Halloween night are a treat for families and pets alike, especially when they’re dressed up like another animal. So there’s no doubt you’ll be taking plenty of pictures showing off your dog’s hidden wild side in a dog lion mane costume.

Dog lion mane costume for dogs' Hallowoeen

Who knows? Maybe your dog dreams of being a lion. And on Halloween night he’ll show he’s no cowardly lion strutting around in this lion mane costume, if you’ll only just fulfill the dream.

The mane is brown and fits around your dog’s face. And you don’t need to worry about the fit because there’s an adjustable elastic band to make sure it fits comfortably around your dog’s face.

The lion mane for dog costume weight is approximately so your dog won’t feel uncomfortable with anything heavy around the face on Halloween night.

Perfect for large dogs like the Golden Retriever or Labrador, your dog will be comfortable with measurements from 40-50cm/15-19.6 inch neck girth.

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What to watch out for with the dog lion mane costume

Customers who have bought the lion mane costume for dogs advise that buyers should be careful when adjusting the elastic band on the mane.  It’s difficult to get out if it’s pulled inside the mane. So to avoid unnecessary complications, they suggest you select the desired size and tie it before putting it on the dog.

Lion mane dog costumeAnother style of the lion mane dog costume has the ear piece attached. This variation of the costume has little lion ears and a fluffy lion tail and on Halloween your pet dog will be.

Your dog will surely feel like king of Halloween when you turn him into a lion wearing the lion mane wig.

Going trick or treating with the family with every one dressed in their favorite character, your dog indeed will experience being leader of all animals.

Lion mane dog costume hoodieThese lion manes are hard to come by so it you plan to dress up your dog in a lion’s mane this Halloween, then it’s best to shop very early.

The pictures of your dog in lion costume will be awesome. So on Halloween transform your dear pet for one night and let him be the ferocious king of the jungle by wearing his dog lion mane costume.




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